aku tak tahu kenapa lately aku cam fond sangat dengan air crash investigations.

so much memories, so much tragedies. it teaches me a lot about life. A LOT.

apa yang dorang fikir 15 seconds before the plane crashes/vessel sinks?

how does it feel? do they cry? do they scream? apa doa mereka pada Tuhan saat-saat terakhir tu?

apa yang terfikir dalam kepala bila tahu tahu there is definitely no way out?

the mystery is just enticing and mind blowing.

setiap kali dengar kata-kata terakhir si kapten dari pita rakaman kotak hitam;  it's like their very last word.

takde jalan patah balik. mati yang definitely pasti. depan mata. death is the only way out

---the denial, the confusion, the frustration, the regrets, the catastrophic feeling inside your heart. it's just....

that piece of shit is so real. it is just like listening to a recording of someone who is dying.

---except that you won't be able to see the death angel rip out soul from the helpless body.

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